Why You Should Choose a Cast Iron Bathtub for Your Bath Remodel

Whether you need a complete bathroom remodel to give your bathroom a make-over or need just a few simple and basic changes, you can do a bath remodel on your own. Portland, Oregon bath remodel services are available to homeowners looking to do a bath repair on their own. If you’re a handyman, you can do most of the work yourself. However, if this is not an area of expertise for you, there are many experienced and competent Portland bath remodel services that can help you.

Bath Remodel


Why Choose Comfort Seats for Your Bathroom Remodeling? If you need your bathtub replaced but do not have a lot of experience with bathtub installation, it might be wise to seek out the assistance of a professional. Modern bathtub models come with a variety of features, from fold-down seats to shower ports, and it is possible to install just one piece of equipment, such as a low flow shower, in your bathtub. Most bathroom remodels can be done in an hour with basic tools, saving you time and money.


Why Use Portland Drywall for Your Bathroom Remodeling? A one-piece wall bath remodel is an excellent way to get a new look in a small bathroom. A drywall bath remodel is the only option in Portland when it comes to installing a standard bathroom cabinet. By installing a standard cabinet, you may end up with a cabinet that has square edges rather than a Corian edge, which can lead to sagging and cracking. Portland drywall can help protect your floor from water damage as well as prevent cracking, peeling and warping.


Why Use a Four-Piece Bathtub When You Have a Shower Combination? In the past, bathrooms had two-piece bathtubs and shower combination units. These options are no longer practical because of rising home costs and the difficulty involved installing them. Instead, most new homes now come with a new, updated, modern bathtubs and shower combination unit. A four-piece bathtub, on the other hand, is extremely durable, easy to install and comes in an endless array of styles. You’re virtually guaranteed to find at least one style that will fit into your space.


Why Use Bathroom Surrounds For Bath Remodeling? Today’s fixtures are designed to be water-resistant and come with rubber seals for added protection. Because the latest bathtubs and showers don’t have backs or fronts, they can’t leak like old-fashioned bathtubs and showers did. A surround can help prevent water from leaking around a corner and onto another area of the room.


So why not get a cast iron bathtub, some new shower heads, and some beautiful surround tiles for that old-fashioned look? Many new bathtubs today include a rubber seal around their edges. If that doesn’t work, simply buy an inexpensive vinyl border that will go up between the tub and the surround walls. You may also want to consider a waterproof liner for your new bathtub that will prevent mold, mildew, and water damage to your new bathroom. That will give you a lifetime of fun using your bathtubs in your grandchildren’s bathroom!