How to Compare Quotes for Bath Remodeling

Bath RemodelIf you’re considering a bath remodel in Spokane, there are some important things to think about, the first of which is whether you need a full bathroom overhaul or simple touch-ups. The answer depends largely on a number of variables, but a simple one-day bath remodel definitely does provide homeowners like you with massive value for the money they’d spend. Here s how: Traditional bathroom refinishing typically involves replacing multiple (if not all} major fixtures in a bath, including sinks, showers, toilets, and vanity units. A bath remodel, on the other hand, usually only requires one large item to be replaced, such as a faucet or vanity unit. When you consider both the time involved in a traditional remodel and the cost of a new bathroom fixture, it quickly becomes clear that a bath remodel is a more economical choice.


There are some significant differences between a full renovation of your bathroom and a bath remodel. One of the biggest differences is the scope of work required. In most cases, a complete renovation will involve replacing the flooring, installing new tubs and showers, installing new countertops, replacing plumbing and electrical systems, and generally getting everything in order to make the room comfortable and appealing. Bathtubs, spouts, faucets, toilets, vanity units, shower curtains, bath mats, and other accessories are relatively easy to replace if you’re planning on a complete bathroom makeover.


Bathtub replacement and shower remodeling are two completely different undertakings, however. A typical Spokane bath remodel usually involves simply refacing your existing bathtub, changing the spout or shower head, or painting the tub and other surfaces in your bathroom. If you are planning on a complete makeover of your bathroom, it might be better to hire a remodeling contractor who can incorporate a variety of styling options into your overall design. Some popular choices include a new tub style, new hand-blown glass faucets, rain showerheads, or a custom made universal design tub with high-end features.


Bathroom remodels are by no means an easy task, even for those who have experience. The process can be daunting for even experienced builders, since most bathrooms require extensive renovations. Before you start any project, you should compare quotes from a number of bathroom remodeling contractors to make sure that you are not spending money unnecessarily.


When comparing quotes for full bath remodels in Spokane, be sure to look at the prices of both the replacement tub and the new shower surrounds. Many contractors charge by the hour for labor, which can add up quickly. Compare not only the labor costs with the prices of the different materials being used to install your tub and shower surrounds. Some companies may offer deals on labor for two tubs and one shower surround, while other contractors may attempt to charge you double the price just for the labor of installing two tubs. Be sure to check this out when comparing quotes so that you won’t wind up paying more than necessary.


If you want to enjoy having a full bath remodel in Spokane without wasting time and money, it might be better to invest in a shower combination bathtub and shower surround. This saves you both time and money, since you won’t have to purchase two separate pieces of hardware. A shower combination bathtub and shower combination surround is made by finding a four-piece bathtub frame that is compatible with a shower enclosure. You can then find a shower panel that is compatible with the frame, or you can purchase separate panels that fit over the frame. Installation of these products is usually completed within one to two days, depending on the type of product you buy.